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The Moment to Moment Blossoming of Meaning in our Life

Saturday, Apr 13 - 2013 | By Mahesh Prasad Mishra

When we talk about meaning of life or of any other activity or event we need to remind ourselves that meaning by itself not a static idea but a dynamic one and the meaning associated with each moment is meaningful and emergent. The meaning is like blossoming flowers where all their petals keep opening up in rhythm and by the sound of music of Mother Nature.

The day gives away to night after its stipulated period by welcoming its arrival during the dusk and in the similar fashion the night welcomes the day during the dawn. The meaning of dawn and dusk keeps inter playing with countless moments between them each signifying a solid and concrete meaningfulness. The whole idea of absurdity arises in the philosophy of existentialism due to our inattentiveness to the messages that each moment bring from our guardian angels.

Due to this lapses of attention and also our consciousness steeped in ignorance we tend to experience meaninglessness and hence the consequential absurdism which is a persistent illusion. Our life is full of purpose and meaning and we are surrounded by it all the time and the real trick resides in our own faculty of recognition and identification of these glorious and wonderfully meaningful goals that our angels set for us mortals during our stay in this temporal plane.

We all live within time and experience changes during our existence. These two aspects of our lives are unshakable and unavoidable as they are the very ingredients that compose the poem or essay of our life. Now when we term the aspect as two different words there resides the confusion as both of them are one and the same. The system of knowledge and information collection and maintenance are totally dependent on a strategy driven by bi-polarity and opposites. This technique does help us to extract details which would otherwise be impossible if we perceive the aspect as a single organic unity.

But the demerits of this procedure are the product of its stupendous success in categorization and identification. This demerit is that we truly start to believe in the opposites as if they are real and fall into the trap of the either-or logic. But this is a complete fallacy as many of these opposites are artificial constructs and popularly known by the philosophers as false dichotomy.

It may so happen that not all opposites belong to this category of false dichotomy but they are extremely rare and may not truly exist if we investigate the essences of their existences. In order to capture this aspect of complementarity in numerous opposites which have succumbed to either-or logic a concept called as Yin-Yang have been developed by the Chinese philosophers.

The concept of yin and yang describes how the seed of each is embedded in the core of either and this means there is an element of femininity within the component of masculinity and vice versa. These separate conditions of the one and the same aspect of our life need to be also recognized if we ever expect to overcome the trap of the either-or and transcend the opposites.

Our thought cannot grasp the One as long as any other image remains active in the soul. To this end, you must set free your soul from all outward things and turn wholly within yourself, with no more leaning to what lies outside, and lay your mind bare of ideal forms, as before of the objects of sense, and forget even yourself, and so come within sight of that One.

If he remembers who he became when he merged with the One, he will bear its image in himself. He was himself one, with no diversity in himself or his outward relations; for no movement was in him, no passion, no desire for another, once the ascent was accomplished. Nor indeed was there any reason or though, nor, if we dare say it, any trace of himself.

Man as Inventor of the Negative
While Burke struggles with using the word inventor for he feels that language has invented man, he points out that negatives do not exist in nature. He contends that negatives are purely a characteristic of symbol systems, which he has already determined belong uniquely to man. He further refers to morality as being particularly human and based largely on the idea of neg atives; that is, there are things we should not do.

Intrinsic to this portion of Burke's Definition is the idea of paradox. Burke explains that the idea of negation is, by its nature, paradoxical. He explains that conditioning a statement with a negative draws a positive image of that very statement. This, he argues, defeats the purpose of negation, yet is an inescapable situation.

I have always wondered about Time and have observed that Time expresses the rhythm of collective life. It is a category of our thought, which has a social origin in the sense that has been abstracted from the collective life of the people. If in our thoughts we are dealing with time as a subject, this means that we have borrowed a model from society that we now project into all the other spheres and areas that surround us.

What exactly is Samaya (Time)?
When we consider the word Samaya and attempt to extract meaning from it by splitting the word into two separate parts like Sama and ya and try to obtain synonyms or rather words in English rhyming similarly we get "Same" for Sama and "You" for ya What it means then is that Samaya is nothing but "Same as You" and this sentence reflects an awareness of a conscious, aware and sentient being of the important other. The word other also comes with significant meaning like O + THE + R and it can be expanded as "Oh Thy Are!" and that means "oh it is you" and may be "oh it is you again". These small sentences or phrases indicate the intense awareness of a sentient being of the other of the same kind.

And so Samaya is nothing but an experience that is possible only when there are someone to perceive and provide meaning like a minimalist meaning of change and continuously experience change as if it is the only thing that is constant in our life. When there are no one to perceive the change and the movement then time would cease to exist and it would be a timelessness that the animals experience. We can consider eternity as without a beginning and without an end and hence a temporal and the framework of time collapses when we attempt to explain eternity but this eternity is not timelessness as that experience by non-sentient beings.

And the last but not the least is that time and change are not two different entities distinct from each other but one and the same as change occurs within the framework of time and this change takes away time along with it in a forward direction from the past to the future through the present. It has been aptly stated that Time and Tide (here implicitly signifying the inherent changes embedded within the passage of time) waits for none. And so Time is the seed of this universe from which the creation evolves and then gets dissolved. We all are synonymous with Time and Change as from our birth till our death we continuously undergo change and experience the passing away of time in a forward direction like that of an arrow which has been shot from its bow and there is no stopping of it from traveling towards its pre-destined source. This stream that is flowing towards the source is the great human stream.

The great human stream arises from a singular realization that nothingness is a state of mind in which we can become anything, in reference to our situation, that we desire. Bad faith (or "self-deception") can be understood as the guise of existing as a character, individual, or person who defines himself through the social categorization of his formal identity. This essentially means that in being a waiter, grocer, etc., one must believe that their social role is equivalent to their human existence.

Living a life defined by one's occupation, social, racial, or economic class, is the very essence of "bad faith", the condition in which people cannot transcend their situations in order to realize what they must be (human) and what they are not (waiter, grocer, etc). It is also essential for an existent to understand that negation allows the self to enter what Sartre calls the "great human stream".

As far as emergent of meaning from moment to moment is concerned let us consider an example, I finished writing this post by 7:28 PM and what this particular moment signifies. Let us see the details on this:

Angel Number 728
The number 728 is a compilation of the attributes of the numbers 7, 2 and 8. Number 7 adds its influences of spiritual enlightenment, development and awakening, inner-wisdom and mysticism, and persistence of purpose. Number 2 resonates with balance and harmony, service to others, faith and trust, encouragement and support and Divine life purpose. Number 8 adds its energies of self-confidence and personal authority, consistency, manifesting abundance, Karma – the spiritual law of cause and effect and giving and receiving.

Angel Number 728 is a message and indication that you are financially secure in your life, and your material and financial needs will always be met in Divine right time. Your actions and devotion to serving your Divine life purpose has manifested abundance and ensured a steady flow of material supply in your life.

The repeating number 728 suggests that your prayers, visualizations and positive affirmations have been heard and acknowledged by the angelic and higher spiritual realms. Trust that they are being answered and responded to, and expect a steady flow of all kinds of positive abundance in your life, as per the Universal Spiritual Laws.

The repeating Angel Number 728 encourages you to always be grateful for your blessings and to remember that the more you have, the more you have to share with others. ~ By Joanne
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