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Shree Jagannatha is the Human God

Wednesday, May 15 - 2013 | By Akshaya Sahoo

King Indradyumna started the temple of Jagannatha in Odisha at Puri and he wanted to establish a picture in the temple of Jagannath (Krishna), Subhadra & Balarama coming to Kurukshetra in the chariot during solar eclipse. He employed Viswakarma to carve them from wood but Viswakarma made a contract with king that he will work behind closed door and king will not disturb him. But the King was very impatient to see, opened the door. So he stopped carving, but the king saw it is half finished. He decided to install these deities in the temple. Since then, the three deities Jagannatha, Balarama and Subhadra are being worshiped at Puri.

Shree Jagannath is called Patitapaban because he does not differentiate between people of different caste, colour and sex. Everyone is equal before his eyes. The Gajapati(King master of elephants) of Puri is the first servant of lord Jagannath. He has to sweep the chariots in public,this shows the king & sweeper all are equal.

The lord also accepted a coconut from a lower caste devotee, whose name is Dasia. The muslim devotee, Salbeg is one of his favourite and loved him, others are Balaram Dash, Jagannath Dash also.

The war of Kanchi shows his love for devotees. Always he has behaved like an ordinary. This shows his love to mankind. He is the human God.

Odisha is known as the country of Shree Jagannath. The king of Odisha addressed as Thakur Raja (A king by God). All cultural events revolve around Shree Jagannath. Here 13 festivals are observed in 12 months and festivals are celebrated in a calendar year relating to Lord Jagannath are: Car Festival (Ratha Yatra), Chandan Yatra, Gosani Yatra, Sahi Yatra, Maha Shiva Ratri, Magha Mela, Boita Bandan, Harirajpur Melan, Jhamu Yatra (Kakatapur), Dayana chori, Aunla Navami, Makar Mela, Bali Harachandi Mela, Anabasar Yatra Alaranath Pitha and Siruli Mahavir Mela etc.

Here is some facts on Shree Jagannath and Temple
>Height of Jagannath Temple- 214 ft 8 inch (From Road Level) and 181 ft From Inner Base (Antarvedi)
>Outer wall (Meghanada Prachira)- 665 ft x 644 ft
>Inner wall (Kurma Beda)- 420 ft x 315 ft (Made between 1467-1494)
>Area of Temple withinin Outer wall- 9.83 Acres
>Area of Temple within Inner wall- 3.03 Acres
>Distance between two wall- 11 ft
>Height of the wall- 20 ft TO 24 ft
>Jagamohan or Mukhasala- 80 ft x 80 ft
>Height of Jagamohan or Mukhasala- 120 ft
>Nata Mandap- 80 ft x 80 ft
>Bhogo Mandap- 58 ft x 56 ft
>Height of Aruna Stambha- 34 ft (11 mtr)

Nilachakra (Blue Wheel)
>Weight- 2200 kg. (55 Mahana)
>Height- 11 ft 8 inch >Diameter- 7 ft 6 inch
>Thickness of Paridhi- 2 inch
>Width of Paridhi- 9 inch
>Dimeter of central circle- 2 ft 6 inch
>Number of Wheel bar- 8
>Length of each wheel bar- 1 ft 10 inch
>Length of Flag (Patitapaban Bana)- 62 ft (42 Haata) (Now limited to 19 Haata)

Rath Yatra (Car Festival)
>Cloth on Rath- 1090 meter
>No. of woods- 1072
>No. of Faasi wooden log for wheel- 72
>Height of Nandighosh (Jagannath)- 33 ft
>No. of wheels of Nandighosh- 18 (Now 16)
>Wooden log in Nandighosh- 832
>Weight of Nandighosh- 65 Ton
>Height of Darpodalona (Subhadra)- 31 ft
>No. of wheels of Darpodalona- 12
>Wooden log in Darpodalona- 593
>Height of Taladhwaja (Balabhadra)- 32 ft
>No. of wheels of Taladhwaja- 16 (Now 14)
>Wooden log in Taladhwaja- 763

Mahaprasad (Pure Vegetarian Spiritual Food)

>Fire Places- 240 >No. of dom (Jhinkaa) in a fire place- 6
>No. of mud pot cooked once in a fire place- 9
>Cooks- 400-600
>Rice- 30 Monds
>Varieties of Mahaprasad- 56
>Mahaprasad can prepare in a festival day- For 1,00,000 people
>Mahaprasad prepare everyday- For 25,000 people

The kitchen of the Jagannath Temple is believed to be the largest in the world. Mahaprasad Avada or Chhapan Bhog (56 sacred delicacies of Jagannath Temple, Puri)

Shree Jagannath's Chhapan(56) bhog:
(1) Ukhuda ( Sugar coated puffed Rice) (2) Nadia kora(Coconut Ladu) (3) Khua (Condensed Milk) (4) Dahi (Yoghurt) (5) Pachila kadali (Ripe Banana) (6) Kanika (Flavoured Rice) 97) Tata Khechudi (Dry Khechudi) (8) Mendha Mundia (A kind of Cake) (9) Bada Kanti (Fried Cake) (10) Matha Puli (A kind of Pan Cake) (11) Hamsa Keli (Sweet Cake) (12) Jhili ( Thin pan cake like Dosa) (13) Enduri ( Idli) (14) Adapachedi (Ginger Paste) (15) Saga Bhaja (Fried Spinach) (16) Kadali Bhaja (Fried Plantain) (17) Maric Ladu (Chilli Ladu) (18) San Pitha ( Small size Cake) (19) Bara/Vada (Donalds) (20) Arisha (Sweet fried cake made by rice flour) (21) Bundia ( Sweet granules made of Chick pea flour) (22) Pakhal oriya(Water Rice) (23) Khiri (Milk Rice) (24) Kadamba( A kind of sweet) (25) Pat Manohar (Name of a Sweet) (26) Takuaa(Sweets shaped like tongue) (27) Bhaga Pitha (A kind of Cake ) (28) Gotai(A kind of salty Cake) (29) Dalma(Dal with Vegetables) (30) Bada Kakara(Large Fried sweet Cake) (31) Luni Khuruma (Salty Biscuits) (32) Amalu ( Malpua, Sweet Puri) (33) Suar Pitha (Poda Pitha, Baked Cake) (34) Biri Buha(Black gram Cake ) (35) Jhadai Nadaa(a cluster of small ball shaped Cakes) (36) Khasta Puri(Strong fried Cakes) (37) Kadali Bara(Fried Plantain) (38) Sana Arisha (Small fried Cakes) (39) Sakar(Chatni) (40) Podo Pitha(Panned Cake) (41) Kanji(Sour Rice) (42) Dahi Pakhal(Curd Rice ) (43) Bada Arisha(Large size Fried Cake) (44) Tipuri(Three stage fillings) (45) Sakara(Sugar Candy) (46) Suji Khir(Milk with Samolina) (47) Muga Sijha(Boiled green gram) (48) Manohar(A kind of Sweet) (49) Magaja Ladu(A kind of sweet like simply wonderful) (50) Pana(Sweet Drink) (51) Anna(Rice) (53) Ghia Anna(Ghee rice) (54) Sweet Dal (55) Besar(Curry) and (56) Sag(Spinach)

Throughout the year, devotees from far away places rush to the holy city of Puri. For Hindus, Puri is one of the holiest pilgrimage places in India, with religious life revolving around the great Jagannath Mandir and its famous Rath Yatra (Car Festival). Odisha is in the world map due to the presence of the famous Jagannath Temple at Puri.

Really the information mentioned is very rare. By accessing the site any person can know about our God Jagannath. Jai Jagannath.
Posted On Tuesday,Feb 03,2015 : 04:19 AM By Ghanasyam Nayak
the temple is a very holy one in the eastern India, but the behavior of the pandas might annoy you. they literally force you to donate money. all I would say is do not focus on them and just concentrate on God!
Posted On Thursday,Jun 06,2013 : 05:56 AM By RABINDRA KUMAR SAHOO
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