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Global Warming- Its Causes, Effects and Remedies

Sunday, Mar 30 - 2014 | By Satabdee Subhadarshee Sahoo

Our earth is the most beautiful gift given to us by nature. It provides us everything- the air we breathe, the land on which we cultivate our crops and live, the water we drink, it’s suitable atmosphere provide us oxygen which is very essential for organisms, it’s atmosphere protects us from the meteorites which are falling on the earth. But in the modern world there is an issue of serious concern which has attracted the attention of many scientists in recent times. That is the issue of global warming. Global warming is the increase in the average temperature of the earth. 

There is an effect known as the Greenhouse Effect. The example of this can be found in the northern countries like Canada, Siberia etc. which are present in the tundra and taiga regions. Here, in the extreme temperature, plants are not able to grow. At very low temperature, the enzymes are inactive and the plant metabolism slows down and eventually the plant dies. If the temperature is very high, the enzymes get destroyed and the plant dies. So in these regions plants are grown in a specially designed plastic houses known as greenhouses. The plants are kept in these green houses. Sunlight remains for a small time. These houses allow the heat to get in but do not allow the heat to escape thus providing suitable temperature for plants to grow. Same is the case here, Earth’s atmosphere has many gases known as greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide, water vapor, methane etc. Sun emits 3 types of radiations- ultra violet, infrared and radio waves. Out or these IR radiations are responsible for causing radiations and keep the earth warm. 

Deforestation is the major cause of global warming. Since the population is increasing at an alarming rate so there is need of a large amount of space. Therefore many trees are cut down. Trees take up carbon dioxide and release oxygen as a by-product during the process of photosynthesis. Oxygen is very essential for all living beings. Plants maintain the oxygen and carbon dioxide cycle. If we cut trees then this cycle gets imbalanced and it results in global warming. Fumes of gases containing carbon dioxide which are released from the vehicle exhausts and from the chimneys also cause global warming. In villages, traditional stove are used for cooking which are outdated and majority(about 90%) of the heat is lost. It also releases large amount of fumes of harmful gases. 

Global warming has very devastating effects. First of all, the average temperature of earth increases. The average temperature of earth has increased by about 2o F in the last 100 years and it might increase by few degree Fahrenheit in the next hundred years. Due to this, polar ice caps are melting and the mean sea level is increasing. Due to this many islands and low lying areas has submerged under the oceans. The most glaring proof of this is the occurrence of floods in the coastal areas. There is a change in rainfall distribution pattern as well as the climate of a place changes. Because many islands and other landmarks are getting submerged, the rare and endemic species living in that region become extinct. 

This problem cannot be solved instantly in a day. It might take few years. Spreading awareness through campaigns might help in solving the problem. This problem cannot be solved by the efforts of only one nation. All the nations must contribute equally to eradicate this problem. Vehicles must use CNG as fuel. If not possible, de-leaded petrol must be used. Air filters must be fitted in chimneys to release smoke. Public transport system facilities provided by the government must be used. Traditional stove used in villages must be replaced by improved stove. The policy of afforestation must be followed. More trees should be grown. But everything is useless unless we change the mindset of people. Earth is our home and we have put our home in danger. Now it is our responsibility to protect our earth.
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